Precision Athlete
Muscle Lean


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Precision Athlete Muscle Lean with
Forskolin promotes lean muscle tissue growth whole
elevating levels of cyclic AMP via forskolin help to
boost protein synthesis in the body. Protein synthesis
is key for muscle repair and growth. Those who
supplement with forskolin saw a very impressive
increase in lean body mass tissue.


• FAT BURNER: Improved Fat-Burning Metabolism
• APPETITE SUPPRESSANT: Healthy eating yields an
Enhanced Lean, Toned Muscle
• LEAN MUSCLE MASS: Lose fat and maintain muscle
tone. Decreased Body Fat and BMI
• INCREASED METABOLISM: 250 mg of Patented
Forslean (20% and 10%) / Serving leads to burning fat
• STIMULANT FREE: Vegetarian solution for fat loss


A Vegan Supplement

Precision Muscle Lean