Equine Cryotherapy

We focus on enhancing performance and recovery for your horses. Horses are athletes too. And just like athletes, recovery is a big part of being able to perform day in and day out. Out perform the competition and recover the right way with Precision Equine Cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy helps to bring blood nutrients to the muscles, which allows for faster recovery, and allowing for stronger healthier muscles. This helps to increase mobility in the joints, reduces inflammation, and reduces pain.

Equine Body Scraping is a technique used to soften built up fascia to release tension from overworked muscles. Muscles are comprised of different fibers, and as fibers become tight, they build up toxins. By using a stainless-steel instrument and special massage method to identify areas of muscle adhesion, or scar-like tissue, that can be improved. This helps increase blood flow and restore movement patterns in injured tissues.

Equine Fascia Release
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Fascia Release + Cryotherapy = Performance Recovery
Healthy Coat
People See the Difference. Animals Feel the Difference.
An All-Natural Supplement Formulated for Horses
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Fortified With Omega-3 & Omega-6



Horse HD

Customer Review

"This supplement has really made a difference in my horse's coat. He had been battling fungus and summer bleaching in the pasture and the healthy coat put gloss and shine back into his coat and helped his skin immensely. I love it so much that I bought some made for dogs for my dog also and got great results there as well."

4.7 out of 5
Equine Recovery
equine cryotherapy
Equine Recovery
equine cryotherapy
Equine Recovery
Equine Recovery
Equine Recovery